The state must be close to the working women and men of the Ballsh Refinery.

24.10.2020 By Mirela Arqimandriti - The Albanian Government must intervene to resolve all issues raised by women and men part of the refinery, in the capacity of public property administrator and guarantor of the functioning of public or private systems in Albania, a task won by vote in the Parliamentary Elections 2017. The basic task of the state in relation to the economy of each country is the creation and well-being of the functioning of the legal and institutional platform on which economic activity takes place. The state is also the guarantor of the implementation of the Constitution of Albania and national and international documents for the protection of freedoms and human rights in Albania.

In Ballsh, it is clear that there are serious human rights violations. Women and men who have had families with different socio-economic weights have the right to benefit from what the Albanian justice system has declared with its final court decision. These women and men are entitled to the real estate of the joint stock company where they have worked for years, but it is clear that the assets of this company are unsecured and unprotected.


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